Top 5 Five Reasons High Security Locks Protect You Better
05.11.2017 22:38

When trying to increase the security of your home or company many men and women seem to high tech devices such as burglar alarms, electronic access control and camera systems. Often overlooked are the simple locks which hold the door closed. These locks are the physical safety that protect a building and what prevents fleas on the simplest level. What many men and women fail to understand is the locks on their doors are the weak link in their general security. Using High Security Locks is among the greatest methods to improve this critical security area. The top five causes of utilizing these high security locks would be: 

1. Patented Key Control - Most high security locks utilize a restricted grid. High Security Keys are patented and can only be duplicated by licensed locksmith dealers. These keys may even use signature confirmation to stop the secret from be duplicated by an unauthorized person. In case you have ever handed your keys over to somebody else (i.e. automotive repair, valet, house keeper, etc.). .) You cannot make sure that they didn't replicate your key. Most keys can be duplicated in a local hardware store for under $2 bucks. A top security key prevents this, and allows you to keep tight control on who's copies of your home or business keys.

2. Select Resistance - Standard locks can readily be picked just like you watch on TV. Lock pick set are easily obtained on the internet and using a little practice, you may be opening locked doors in a couple of minutes or occasionally seconds. High Security locks use numerous select resistant technologies which prevent a person from picking the lock. A number of these select resistant items can readily be observed on the top security essential where others are hidden inside the lock itself.

3. Drill Resistance - High Security Lock Cylinders are all particularly designed to resist a drill strike. Launching any lock is a simple as creating a shear line between the inner cylinder and the outer casing. On most locks, this can be done with a small drill and drilling a hole just at the top of the cylinder. It just take a few moments to drill a small hole in most locks. This makes a shear line and the lock is readily opened. If you believe nobody understands this truth, think again. Criminals and thieves know this and use it to enter a houses and company in a couple of minutes.

4. Higher Resistance to Physical Attack - High Security Locks come standard with strengthened strike plates and in certain cases use an interlocking deadbolt. These safety features are a necessity when trying to secure your house or business. Most burglars know that that can walk up to many homes and just kick in the doorway. This is because the majority of homes simply use the knob lock or an economical deadbolt to affix the door, making them an easy target.

5. Lasting Quality - High Security locks are simply built better. These locks have all steel and brass parts inside. There are no diecast pieces that easily break or may be broken by an intruder. Having a lock to fasten your doorway that is built tough is vital. Using a high security lock will ensure that you receive the perfect quality and are properly protected.

Use these 5 key criteria when buying a lock and prior to spending money on some fancy electronic security system can make sure that the physical safety is taken care of first. A burglar's worst enemy is time therefore that the harder you make it for them to get into the better protected you are.

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