The Compact and Portable Inflatable Kayaks
12.07.2018 19:38

Inflatable kayaks are the ideal solution for those kayakers that don't which to lug about a heavy hard-shell craft. Designed similar to a hard-shell kayak, yet offers a variety of unique features to improve the durability and performance. And in some cases compact enough to be packed away in a duffel bag after use. Ideal for use on lakes, rivers, bays and mild estuaries. Get more details by visiting on www.tucktec.com.

One point to consider with these kayaks is its total payload capacity (body weight plus gear). A one person inflatable isn't going to have too much space to accommodate large quantities of equipment. If the intention is to transport a large amount of gear on  a longer kayak excursion, than a inflatable might not be the ideal craft. Although, if the plan is to go for a day or two than a inflatable kayak might be the option.

Seaeagle, Innova, Advanced Elements and Aire all offer a fine selection of inflatable boats that are ideal for the explorer, fisherman or for the whitewater sports enthusiast.

A concept that's similar to the inflatable's is that of the foldable kayaks. A foldable kayak is often made of a flexible polypropylene material that breaks-down and folds flat or into a compact storage bag or of a canvas boatskin that stretches over a aluminum or wooden frame. The folding kayaks might not be as easy to transport as an inflatable, but its' still another option if looking to travel a distance to reach that perfect fishing spot.

If there's a concern about weight, transportation, space, or anything similar than one of the inflatable kayaks might be the perfect choice. The available storage space and the means of transport are often big considerations, so its wise to weigh up all the options prior to purchasing a kayak for a safe paddling adventure.


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