How to Grow Your Business by Bumping Up Your Sphere of Influence
19.11.2017 21:43

In the past week's blog, I wrote about important prospect-to-client conversion hints. In it, I outlined what happens when you make the mistake of asking someone to do business with you before you have developed a relationship together. Finding the "yes" answer to your proposal frequently requires more than just 1 touch point before someone decides to do business with you. 

The same is true as you expand your business by expanding your sphere of influence. Your sphere of influence is not only the number of individuals you know but also includes influencers that have a wider network and are in the one-to-many conversation.

Years ago, when I started one of my novels, a person in my network that I knew well invited me to call a renowned bestselling writer to ask them to endorse my novel. In my heart, I felt ripped because I did not have a relationship with this best-selling author. Against my intuition, I called up the writer, let him understand who connected us, and I asked him when he would endorse my book. The author was so incredibly gracious and politely declined.

It was an important lesson for many reasons: listen to your intuition and keep in mind that doing business is about cultivating relationships. "The influence game is about relationships." Said Teresa de Grosbois, Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC). "You don't ask to borrow the lawn mower from the neighbor you just met." Teresa would understand. She made the EBC to connect collaborative thought leaders and extremely influential business leaders whose mission it is to teach the essentials of success.

"Never take for granted the value of the influencer's network." said Teresa. "Last year, I had someone approach me asking to collaborate. When I agreed to expose them to my network, which is hundreds of thousands of people, they proceeded to ask me for money to sponsor their event. In their haste to complete their agenda, it was lost on them the value they were getting from the exposure alone. It lands like complaining there's no strawberries on the cake, when someone just cooked you a gourmet meal."

There are three important tips to consider before requesting an influencer to promote you to their next:

1. Cultivate the Relationship. Even though the influencer may be somebody you think you want to associate with, get to know them first. They would like to get to know you, too! Years ago, when I met a brand-new entrepreneur, he immediately unpacked his brochures that the very first time we met. I didn't even understand him let alone understand if there are a good collaboration match. Input into a meeting with a courtship in mind rather than a one-night standalone.

2. Be a Giver First. Even if you have a restricted network, there are many ways to provide, including: 
A. putting comments on an influencer's blog 
b. inviting them to be in your radio show, 
c. giving them exposure to a community or 
d. inviting them into a telesummit where you encourage them in your own show.

3. Be Patient. When expanding your system, heap on your patience. Understand 
It often takes more than 1 touch stage before influencers could collaborate. Among my coworkers devoted 10 years of comments on an influencer's blog before they fulfilled. Only after she developed the connection did she extend an invitation to the person to one of her assignments. Nowadays, they powerfully promote each other.

When you show your commitment to collaboration and respond to others by your generosity, you will find that you will garner a reputation for win-grow relationships, attract a greater following and increase your influence exponentially.

Alastair Majury is a Business Analyst currently living in Dunblane, United Kingdom. Apart from his unwavering commitment to his career,  Alastair finds himself most interested in philanthropic efforts, golf, and navigating the seamlessly endless majestic landscapes of Scotland.


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